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The history of Lovense into the world of adult products is interesting and fulfilling. They have been innovative over the years reshaping the production of sex toys by designing some of the most iconic toys in the industry. By producing the 1st internet-controlled toy in 2010, which includes the world’s first smart vibrator to the recent release of Domi 2 this year (2020) – the company continues to remain relevant in the business. Sex toys produced by Lovense are as a result of five years of extensive research and development.


The vision of the company is to help men and women who lack sexual intimacy by producing toys that will take them out of loneliness. You can trust this company if you are looking for sex toys that are produced using advanced technology. In 2010, they produced smart vibrator that can be controlled through a Skype connection and with an ability to sync vibrations with music. Since this one-of-a-kind innovation that offers remote pleasure for lovers in a long-distance relationship, it is revolutionary and appreciated by couples all over the world.

The company is striving to improve on all its products while research continues. As the design and produce quality sex toys, they also have user-experience as one of their utmost priorities. All products are beautifully designed and easy to use in any location. Lovense brings sex tech for every bedroom with their teledildonic sex toys to spice up the long-distance relationship of lovers and couples. The strengths of the vibrators can be customized as per your body’s needs and can be controlled from any distance.

The list of adult products available for customers includes a smart vibrator, generation prototype, lush, ambi, domi, edge, osci, and max. Water-based lubricant and USB Bluetooth adapter are the accessories you can buy at affordable prices. Products are shipped to different countries within 2 to 3 business days and customers will get a one-year warranty. They can also return and exchange the unopened package within a month from the date of delivery.